Digital Marketing
for Consultation

Consultation Online, for when you need more than just a website.

Developed by Becg, Consultation Online is a range of digital marketing services that will help you to run effective, fair and accessible consultations online.

We can help you to identify, reach and engage with relevant audience groups, create an informed picture of your supporters and objectors across all stakeholder groups and mobilise support.

Effective Digital Solutions
for Consultation

  • Web Design and Build icon Web Design and Build

    Designed, built, hosted and supported for a range of budgets

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  • Social Media icon Social Media

    For insights and engagement. Identify and interact with your online communities

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  • Digital Content icon Digital Content

    Copy, graphics, videos and apps to help you connect with your stakeholders

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Consultation has changed. We’re in an age of ‘digital by default’.

Digital and social media have transformed the consultation process and continue to change the way we engage with our consultees. They provide new ways of understanding, listening, communicating and engaging with our stakeholders and can deliver invaluable digital insights and around their support or opposition to your proposals.

Digital and social media can ensure that your consultations are inclusive and demonstrate visibility, accessibility, transparency and disclosure around the publication of your consultation information.